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Build reputation & unlock growth 

Unlock the potential of your technology business with scalable marketing & communications expertise.

Creativity + strategy 

Communicate your story to the stakeholders that matter.



Taking Your Business to
the Next Level

Communications & Content

Media, analyst and investor action to build reputation and share of voice. Content that makes you a

thought leader.

Business Development

 Creating long-term, strategic value from customers, markets, and relationships.


Full spectrum growth marketing that convinces some of the most challenging audiences in the world.

Trusted Expertise


Years of Experience


Businesses Helped



My pitch.

Working with me as a fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) or CCO (Chief Communications Officer) gives your company access to executive leadership and networks that can drive growth when you need it most, without breaking the bank. 


I'm a seasoned CMO and a communications leader, capable of bringing to bear the right strategy for your business. 


An experienced executive board member, and  advisor to CEOs, I bring to your business a deep understanding of global consumer electronics, semiconductors, and hardtech. 

I've held positions at companies and organizations across the tech industry, including being CMO at Imagination Technologies from 2019-2023. I now help startups, scaleups, and industry bodies. I'm also a Silicon Catalyst Advisor. 


I was in the founding teams at Pure and Frontier Smart Technology (Frontier Silicon) and have been part of the marketing boards for numerous foundations and standards organizations inc. TechWorks and RISC-V International. 

I create keynote-quality content that can communicate your thought leadership, create demand, and rank you in search. Powerful messaging is the giant killer that lets you compete against the largest competitors. 


I can help you successfully promote complex concepts and value propositions to potential customers or investors and navigate the dynamics of partnerships with some of the world's largest technology companies.

I live in London and work globally. If I can't help you, I probably know someone who can. I want to see you succeed, whether that takes one email, or joining your journey for as long as you need. 

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"An experienced and talented marketeer and communicator... David's passion for technology and the positive impact it can have on the world around us is infectious and he is an extremely effective corporate operator building strong teams and deep relationships with key stakeholders."

Pete Downton

Entrepreneur - Culture, Sustainability & Digital Therapeutics



Tell me what you need.

31 Lennox Gardens, London, NW10 1AA, UK

Tel: +44(0)7889658527

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