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The culture must be built. Dispatch 6

Updated: Oct 9, 2023


“The mystery of life isn't a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.”

Start-up taps carbon markets to boost clean cooking in Africa (

A Kenyan start-up has tapped international carbon markets to roll out clean cooking fuel to more than 1M households. Koko Networks has raised more than $100mn in carbon finance over the past four years, helping families switch from cheaper but more dangerous charcoal. The FT looks at how Koko subsidizes its customers’ use of ethanol for cooking.

Nuview Lidar (

Nuview Lidar is a company that specializes in developing and manufacturing lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) technology. Lidar is a remote sensing method that uses lasers to measure distances and create detailed 3D maps of the surrounding environment.

Now Nuview is building the first commercial satellites designed to annually map the planet’s entire land surface with Lidar. Nuview says its data will elevate global capabilities and transform what is possible for mankind to know about the Earth.

Why am I do interested? Well, we all know how distorted the Mercator projection is, but even the most accurate maps are pretty inaccurate, mostly as a result of technical limitations. Time for a change! It will be interesting to see how Nuview, based in Florida, represents its data. Google Maps for example has maintained a very Mercator based approach and all the biases it creates.

California Turns to IoT Sensing Tech for Wildfires (IoT World Today)

A new camera, sensor and AI system is being used to monitor wildfires and alert first responders in California. According to statistics published by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire), as of August 20, 2023, a total of 4,176 fires have burned a total of 141,765 acres (57,370 hectares). This is below the state's five-year average of 754,894 acres (305,495 ha) burned during the same period, which is clearly good news, and tech is playing a part alongside social impact activities.

ALERTCalifornia, launched in July this year, has already demonstrated its effectiveness by successfully detecting a fire in Cleveland National Forest. The system promptly notified first responders, leading to the fire being extinguished within 45 minutes. This quick response prevented any significant harm to the surrounding area and its residents.

Plug 1 (JPR)

If you’re curious about what I write when I’m not writing this, last week it was a story on Microsoft’s MRCS digital capture studio tech finding a new home at Arcturus which you can read over at Jon Peddie Research. Not a Techwatch subscriber? Let me help you fix that. If you want to know about the business of pixels, it's essential reading.

I create high-value byline or ghost-written copy, so if you have keynote, research, or key content requirements I’m happy to help (even if only by directing you to another writer who’d be great for the task).

The first publicly announced outcome of the UK’s National Semiconductor Strategy is the decision to commission SiliconCatalyst.UK Ltd to deliver a pilot semiconductor design incubator, with the first cohort of UK-based semiconductor startups to undertake an intensive nine-month incubation process starting in October 2023. If you are an early-stage UK semiconductor startup that is either at or before pre-seed funding, you can now apply to this UK Government backed semiconductor design incubator run by Silicon Catalyst, where early-stage UK semiconductor startups will gain access to the full Silicon Catalyst ecosystem. Companies participating will also have access to the Silicon Catalyst advisors (including me).

What am I reading?

This newsletter is a “novelty aggregator”. Each week I’ll select a handful of things that seem to be to be ways in which technology is advancing our potential to survive, thrive, and conjoin. They won’t necessarily be the biggest stories of the week; I’m presuming you saw those already.

I will also include a few things about my personal projects. They include working as a fractional CMO (or whatever is needed) with companies in training, cleantech, and semiconductors, and a series of near-future spy novels (available on Amazon UK / Amazon US).

My writing partner, Bill, has been very slow on this one, but at last it's out. Love's Labour's Lost & Won, Shakespeare's great tale completed using mostly his words. Available to buy & and on KDP. UK; USA.


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