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How I live now

Twice in quick succession last week, I was asked, “So, how is the new job going?” And I’ve got to say I took a long breath each time before answering! I also got several calls last week from people who didn’t even know there is a new ‘job’.

How? Why? It started with me pitching myself as a fractional CMO, providing expert marketing strategy and a deep network to companies that might not be ready for full-time C-suite marketing leadership. It has since turned into a range of activities much cooler than I could have hoped for.

So, if you’re in camp curious or camp oblivious here’s a quick run-down of the main things I’m up to.

I’m head of business development for RED Semiconductor, which has a chip design that helps answer two big problems with Edge AI - security (and therefore privacy), and performance. If AI is going to become ubiquitous, this hardware will be needed. It's a massive market with an urgent need. If this is your area too then I’d be delighted to speak to you. We have several fabulous partners already but there’s room for you ; )

I’m a Silicon Catalyst advisor. Silicon Catalyst is the world's only incubator + accelerator focused on semiconductor solutions, including Photonics, MEMS, sensors, IP, materials, and Life Science. We accelerate startups from idea through prototype, and onto a path to volume production and have admitted 97 exciting companies so far, with more imminent. If you’re a Silicon Catalyst company that needs marketing/comms/biz dev, you can use me. Do you think that sounds useful, but you aren’t in the accelerator? We have a new route to help you too. Ping me for the details.

I’m an analyst with Jon Peddie Research. We ‘follow the pixels’ to uncover the gems of stories about the business of GPUs. Got a tip for me? Or a story you want to read that no one else is doing? Reach out. I write a long-form monthly column. In the ‘pixels’ business and not a subscriber to Techwatch or Jon’s in-depth reports? My gosh! Contact me urgently and let’s see what we can do to give you the same advantages your competitors have (they are subscribing).

I’ve also helped an old friend with a US event; tweaked the website and product offering for a training company; pitched the media for a different training company; done some headhunting; and consulted for another consultancy.

And I started a newsletter that has nothing to do with marketing, available on LinkedIn. Got stories about technology making the world better? Again, tip me off. It’s insane the quality of people subscribed already so I’m super keen to keep it novel. It's called 'The culture must be built.'

I’m certainly not looking to make every hour billable. I’m far more interested in applying my skills to new problems and digging into areas that make me curious. So far, so good, though I still have time for more ; ) It seems to have developed like the A-Team, with a different adventure helping people every week. Anyway, I’m easier to find than they are.


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